Our sports surfaces are suitable for practice facilities where cricketers can train.

Players can easily slide and dive on this turf and practice fielding & catching which is difficult to do on a natural grass turf due to fear of injuries.

With the different types of turf we provide, we offer excellent solutions for:

Practice pitch area : 10mm -15mm non infill cricket pitch turf which is pasted directly on the cement pitch.

Bowler run-up and Fielding area:

Artificial Grass is the preferred choice for Football fields for its safe, low-to-no maintenance and all-weather playability aspects. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic turf Football fields do not become patchy & uneven. It also ensures enhanced playtime and has a long usable life.

The product is 50 MM onwards PE artificial grass, UV protected with infill of silica sand & SBR granules.

Advantages of the turf are:

  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. Ideal for longer playing hours
  3. Multisport usage
  4. Enhanced player safety

International singles court

Length: 9750mm plus or minus 10mm
Width: 6400mm plus or minus 10mm
Diagonals: 11665mm plus or minus 20mm 4.02

International doubles court,

Length: 9750mm plus or minus 10mm
Width: 7620mm plus or minus 10mm
Diagonals: 12375mm plus or minus 20mm 4.03