Hockey is our National Game with rich and successful history.

Hockey is a nice game generally liked and played by the youths of the country. It is also played in other countries worldwide. India has been glorified by this sport many times through amazing wins. Indian has been the world champion in the field of hockey for many years.

Playing hockey helps to

  • Improves the muscle strength of the body.
  • Develops coordination skills.
  • Develops the spirit of team work.
  • Improves communication.

Few of Hockey Legends that played for India

  • Major Dhyan Chand
  • Leslie Claudius
  • Udham Singh
  • Mohammad Shahid
  • Dhanraj Pillay

Almost all international matches, top club tournaments and other games of Hockey are now played on artificial grass.

The two types of turfs suitable for hockey are:

Water filled turf is mandatory for international/national  competitions

The system needs sprinkler system and water storage facility. The system needs to be installed on an asphalt base with a shock pad.

Sand filled turf: ideal for School & Municipal grounds. This system doesn’t require water and neither does it require an elaborate soil preparation. It can be laid on a crushed stone base without a shock pad. It can be used as a multisport field.


Run Off Area: At least of 4M on the sides.

At least of 5M on backlines

Play Area: 91.4mx55m = 5027SQM (54110 SFT)

Total Area (Play + Runoff:6388.2 SQM (68737 SFT)