• ACRYLIC: Our acrylic sports courts are designed to provide consistent speed, texture, and color to any indoor or outdoor facility. Our acrylic court surfaces are designed to resist fading and withstand extreme weather conditions. This system can be applied on asphalt, concrete, or on existing acrylic sports courts.


  • The range contains all surfaces in acrylic resin reinforced with silica loads and thorough-coloring. This range provides excellent value for money, with hardly any constraints in terms of maintenance.
  • The entire range from 2-Layer to 8-Layer systems are available including the cushioned layers. Acrylic surfaces are preferred by major tournament venues as well as practice facilities.
  • PU: PU cushioned sports flooring system can be used indoors as well as outdoors for multisport activities.


  • All indoor / outdoor surfaces
  • Long lasting
  • Crack resistant
  • Better cushioning
  • VOC free
  • Permanent Elasticity
  • Long usable life of over 7 years
  • Many colours


  • PVC Cushioned Sports Flooring

The PVC cushioned sports flooring is suitable for indoor sports games. The welded joints ensure a seamless sports surface. They flooring is available in many colors& thicknesses starting from 3.45mm & goes unto 8.3MM.

PVC Cushioned Sports flooring combining higher shock absorption with strong surface reactivity for ball rebound and foot control.

Ideal for amateur to professional level sports surfaces for games like Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Weightlifting, Gymnasium, Squash, Multi-purpose sports floor. 


  • Easy maintenance with no stripping.
  • Protection against scratches.
  • Easy removal of sole marks.
  • Optimal surface friction for safety.

The foam layer has a dense cellular structure, providing unrivaled acoustic performance, ideal shock absorption, and natural ball bounce levels.

Engineered honeycomb textured backing for perfect adhesion to the subfloor.

  1. TEAK
  2. MAPLE

Our Modular interlocking Polypropylene sports tiles are suited all kinds of Indoor & Outdoor sports and are Approved by FIBA, IHF and ITF.

The modular sports PP tiles are designed to provide better cushioning and preventing of knee injuries to players.

The tiles are available in many colors & are available in Indoor/Outdoor variants.

Dimensions of a Badminton Court

Play area: 13.41mx6.1m = 81.801Sqm (880Sft)

With 2ft run off area on all sides (1152 sft)

Total Area International (Play + Run off) =150 Sqm (1334 Sft)